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Some Observations Concerning Obama


This is my first post concerning Barack Obama, it will undoubtedly also be my last as the subject is about as superficial and yet as complex as any human being I have ever heard of or read about. It might seem strange but somehow I knew exactly what he was before he was a candidate for the office he now holds. What I find astounding is that not more people understand who and what he is………….there are some but not enough. It is far easier to understand why Barack Obama grew up to be what he is than to understand why so much of the American public could have been so duped, not once, but twice. No matter, we shall have to live with the man until the numbered days of his administration have  expired.

How can one describe a person who is so superficial and yet (to me) totally transparent. This is a person who has from his birth been coddled and nurtured by people who have left their marks upon him……..none of them good. He has been raised to expect everything to be handed to him with no effort whatsoever on his part. Because of this he has become a master at manipulating the people around him to his advantage.  There are many adjectives that describe Barack Obama, again, none of them good. Those which come quickly to mind are the ones which are descriptive of his character, he is arrogant, narcissistic, secretive,  manipulative, and mendacious. What a perfect combination of characteristics to make up a really slimy politician. His campaign promises were lofty and in some cases admirable but none of them has ever been implemented. More often than not they were simply meant to dupe the stupid in our populace while he worked toward his real goals, the total destruction of people who worked very hard and who, admittedly, had a good measure of luck which propelled them to wealth. Obama thinks these people have no right to the wealth they have earned while those without the education or the drive to strive for excellence should all share in that wealth. When challenged by anyone on the policies he would like to put in place, he becomes sneering, dismissive and downright nasty. This happens often and when “crossed” he simply goes about his business by executive order, a practice which was never meant to be used in the way Obama abuses it.

One can only hope that more and more people will come to see who and what Obama is……………it’s happening but too slowly. What I want is answers to questions that have not yet been answered and which are often ignored. What is the real truth behind Fast and Furious and the Benghazi messes, both of which are a disgrace and which should be thoroughly explained. Perhaps even more vital is why those in both the House and the Senate seem to have no backbone when it comes to challenging this man!


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