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The New Republicans

As I write, some in my family are listening to Bill O’Reilly who has guests on his show who are clueless as to what the “New Republicans” are all about. I’m not at all sure that Bill himself is able to capture the pulse of the new conservatives. Does he realize that we are no longer listening to the “old guard” Republicans. People like Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer and all of their ilk are no longer relevant to us. We want no more of their wishy-washy candidates like Bob Dole and John McCain who are fine men but who are stuck in the past and do not understand the Americans they would like to advise. We have seen quite enough of the people who prefer to “go along to get along”. Do they not understand that our country is slipping into socialism and that we don’t like it, not one bit. We want a return to what made this country a great nation admired by the rest of the free world. While there is little left of that free world, there are those of us who do not wish to join the slide to the left which has been going on  for far too long. We want our Constitutional government back and if we don’t start working to get it back, it’s going to be too late. As it is, it’s not going to be easy, but we are seeing a resurgence of the principles and values that were once deeply ingrained in conservatives. Thank you TEA Party activists for opening our eyes, and a huge thank you to our current administration for opening our eyes to the corruption that is Washington. While we have some wonderful new additions to the House of representatives, we still have an old guard speaker who has little backbone. I would hate to think that he is so stupid as to have forgotten (or forgiven) the people from the other side of the aisle who steamrolled over everyone on the right to shove Obama’s initiatives down our throats.

Thanks, Democrats, for setting a new tone when you were in charge, and do not whine when we have enough people in the House and soon in the Senate to do exactly what you did. Where are the fair minded people to give the “loyal opposition” a bitter taste of their own medicine. The left has grown accustomed to the old Republicans, the polite, spineless, forgiving ones.

Why do we have a country where so many people are on the “dole”? That was once something to feel uncomfortable about, something not quite honorable. It was something that happened in Socialist countries not something American. It started with the “War on Poverty” in the 1960’s when we simply started throwing money at a problem that should have been solved in other ways. Giving people something for nothing only makes them dependent, lazy and totally ungrateful. We need a time limit on welfare payments and the guts to make those people work for what they think is “free” (money and services). Let them clean the streets of the cities where they live, maybe even the government buildings in those cities. Those of us who work to pay the taxes that provide the welfare are sick and tired of second and third generation couch potatoes who have made trash heaps of the public housing they inhabit and who expect us to clean up their messes and keep throwing money at them while they produce more little welfare sponges and have little responsibility for their progeny and their upbringing or education…….those are simply another way to acquire more money for booze, drugs and only God knows what else. Time to start drug testing them……come up dirty and lose the benefits! Most taxpaying citizens can be required by an employer to submit to random drug testing and if those who are providing the tax monies for welfare and any other benefit have a perfect right to expect those who recieve said benefits to be treated equally by the agency providing the dispensing of the benefits.  Speaking of children, there are those in the welfare community who have made a “business” of having babies for profit, disgusting to say the least. If we cut them off after the second child, they would no doubt find their birth control rather quickly.

Why are we paying the people who have no right to be in the country at all, any welfare monies, it’s surely not something that is done for illegals in their countries of origin. These people who are now jumping our borders are no longer coming to work, they are coming for the welfare, the housing assistance, the health care and the education for their children. The Supreme Court has ruled that we must provide K through 12 education for all children residing in this country regardless of their citizenship status, the Court has likewise ruled that hospital emergency rooms are required to provide emergency medical treatment to those who present themselves at an emergency room. This applies to emergencies, not common colds, or anything non-life threatening. Is it too much to expect Emergency Room staff to be able to tell the difference? We want these people out, out, out. Don’t tell me the government can’t find them, they are the people with the false social security numbers or none at all. The IRS knows where they are……….root them out and send them home. I would rather see these people in prison for the felony that is supposed to be the charge for the second offense of jumping the border. No more expensive than throwing welfare at them! It is delightful to learn that the individual states are starting to do what the federal government has been neglecting to do, namely passing legislation which would require both State Agencies and private businesses to use the e-verify program to validate the citizenship of people who apply for employment. This is the first step in making it impossible for non-citizens in the country illegally to be able to work. I am aware of no other country in our state of development which allows non citizens to work without certain required paperwork!  Under other proposed legislation, the wages of ineligible workers could not be deducted from an employers gross income as a cost of doing business on their tax returns. When these punitive measures are applied, employers will no longer find it expedient to use illegal labor, no matter for how little salary they may agree to work.

While some of these solutions may seem harsh, the new Republicans need to become the people to decide who within the country deserves the benefit of our “charity”.  We have been far too lax in rooting out abuse and because we have neglected that duty and our chosen representatives refuse to do so, it will be up to us to see that it is done. Until we stand up on our “hind legs” and insist, nothing will ever happen. Let’s start reducing the debt that our children and grandchildren will be expected to pay………..it’s far past time to get to work on this.


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