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This is my first post concerning Barack Obama, it will undoubtedly also be my last as the subject is about as superficial and yet as complex as any human being I have ever heard of or read about. It might seem strange but somehow I knew exactly what he was before he was a candidate for the office he now holds. What I find astounding is that not more people understand who and what he is………….there are some but not enough. It is far easier to understand why Barack Obama grew up to be what he is than to understand why so much of the American public could have been so duped, not once, but twice. No matter, we shall have to live with the man until the numbered days of his administration have  expired.

How can one describe a person who is so superficial and yet (to me) totally transparent. This is a person who has from his birth been coddled and nurtured by people who have left their marks upon him……..none of them good. He has been raised to expect everything to be handed to him with no effort whatsoever on his part. Because of this he has become a master at manipulating the people around him to his advantage.  There are many adjectives that describe Barack Obama, again, none of them good. Those which come quickly to mind are the ones which are descriptive of his character, he is arrogant, narcissistic, secretive,  manipulative, and mendacious. What a perfect combination of characteristics to make up a really slimy politician. His campaign promises were lofty and in some cases admirable but none of them has ever been implemented. More often than not they were simply meant to dupe the stupid in our populace while he worked toward his real goals, the total destruction of people who worked very hard and who, admittedly, had a good measure of luck which propelled them to wealth. Obama thinks these people have no right to the wealth they have earned while those without the education or the drive to strive for excellence should all share in that wealth. When challenged by anyone on the policies he would like to put in place, he becomes sneering, dismissive and downright nasty. This happens often and when “crossed” he simply goes about his business by executive order, a practice which was never meant to be used in the way Obama abuses it.

One can only hope that more and more people will come to see who and what Obama is……………it’s happening but too slowly. What I want is answers to questions that have not yet been answered and which are often ignored. What is the real truth behind Fast and Furious and the Benghazi messes, both of which are a disgrace and which should be thoroughly explained. Perhaps even more vital is why those in both the House and the Senate seem to have no backbone when it comes to challenging this man!


Some Thoughts on Aging

I was listening to a gerontologist being interviewed on the Internet tonight and had to think…………….I can’t be old because I am not at all like the descriptions the doctor (whom I am only assuming is a PHD) was presenting or that perhaps I am somewhat anomalous. Actually, I think that’s a good thing, who wants to be categorized, pigeonholed or stuck into a classification or type?  It surely isn’t odd to think of oneself as unique, different from others and neither is it arrogant. Human beings are unique even though they sometimes have some habits and characteristics in common. Isn’t that how we form friendships? We are attracted to people with whom we share beliefs and attitudes.

I’ve come to accept that, like all people, I am aging. Fortunately, I am among the lucky humans who seems to be (at 75) enjoying better than usual good heath for that age in that I take no prescription medications and except for a stubborn rash on one hand and a case of tendinitis in my right shoulder, I seldom have occasion to consult a doctor, twice in eighteen years is a pretty good record.  Sure, I have some aches and pains as I seem to have about the same level of osteoarthritis as my mother who is 93, in reasonably good health and who still lives in her own condo in a senior residence in a suburb of Atlanta. We both manage that with over the counter medications like Aleve,  That pretty much covers the physical part, mentally I feel I am still pretty much as sharp as ever which I attribute to having to learn how to use a computer seventeen years ago when I was still a real estate agent.

For some reason that self education was easy for me, it was as though my brain is wired like the machines I have worked with, both then and now. I have found it frustrating however, that my husband seems not to want to learn how to do anything new on the computer. I can understand his mindset as he is also self-taught but in an era before windows when all commands were by keyboard (no such thing as a mouse) and most of his work was simply writing reports or professional papers in front of a blue screen with orange letters. I understand his feelings but things are so much easier now and there are some great programs out there in cyberspace………….like this one! I will, however, be happy to update the programs that he does use and correct things when he becomes frustrated. He is correct in that people who write computer programs are a jealous bunch who have no interest in writing programs which are compatible with other people’s previously successful programs…..I call it guarding one’s bones and well adjusted people have no need to behave like that. It is interesting to note that with the exception of one of my children, the others come to me to ask “how to” questions about computers and their operation. It really is a good feeling to be helpful to one’s grown children and even, occasionally, to my grandchildren………..perhaps I even feel a bit smug about it though I hope that emotion does not show, it’s not an attractive characteristic.

I can only hope to retain my current good health as long as possible, life is an adventure that I am not finished enjoying!

Since I wrote this slightly over 2 years ago, my outlook on aging has changed somewhat. Though I still enjoy general good health, I have, in the past 7 months had two orthopedic surgeries to correct a severely osteo-arthritic hip and a knee which had also become problematic fifty five years after I injured it water skiing. I am fortunate to live in a community where the medical facilities are excellent and the physicians are top notch. My surgeon performed both of my joint replacements, the right hip in September of 2013 and the knee on January 7th of 2014. I am told that I no longer have any arthritic joints which was pleasant to hear. I am finding that I belong to a large group of people I know personally but until now did not know had joint replacements as well. We call ourselves the bionic people. I am interested in seeing how I will be handled at the airport next Tuesday when my husband and I will be flying to Atlanta to visit my mother and a brother who lives there as well. It will be wonderful to see them after two years and we will not allow that much time to elapse before the next visit which we are planning for the fall of this year.

It almost choked me to write the title to this post, not because it isn’t accurate but because of what climate change has become in the vernacular and in the news. This is of course, no startling phenomena, the climate is constantly changing. It always has and always will but that two word phrase has been adopted by the global warming nuts as a replacement for their failed “Global Warming” theory. There are those who would credit Al Gore with the Global Warming “movement” but that really isn’t entirely accurate……it was originally started by some nameless faceless people within the UN as a way of raising some serious cash via a global “carbon tax”. Gore simply jumped on board with his (incredible) Inconvenient Truth, a silly screed full of nonsense, twisted truth and totally made up statistics, the now discredited “hockey stick” graph, later to be proved totally false, and based on inaccurate input and out and out lies. By the way, how is that global warming working for you all?  Probably just about as well as the “Hope and Change” promised by the Democrat standard bearer in 2008. Shame on you who fell for that simply because you were hoping for some change even if you hadn’t been told what sort of change could be expected.

I’ve digressed but not needlessly as this post is all about falsehoods, spin and failed theories. The climate has changed but not in a good way. When my family arrived in Oregon almost 43 years ago it was by way of a transfer for my husband’s work. We were not averse to leaving our previous home in Michigan where we had just 2 years before (in 1967) been assaulted by a snowstorm, dare I say it, of biblical proportions? A snowstorm that stranded people on freeways and even on the surface streets to their homes. While I can not tell you how much snow actually fell, it was blown in gigantic drifts by a fierce wind which also packed that snow into matter so dense that had to be chopped into blocks with the side of a snow scoop before it could even be shoveled up. It was eerily quiet when the storm was over……….no traffic sounds, nothing! It would be three days before our roads would be anywhere near “cleared” and 150 miles away to the west, Chicago was also paralyzed with O’Hare airport shut down totally for a bit over 3 days.

Coming to Oregon completed a family journey all the way across the country from my husband and my childhood homes in Maine where we grew up and where the first 2 of our four children, a daughter Andrea, and a son, Marc, were born. Albany, New York, was the next stop…..I was halfway through my third pregnancy at the time and our son Mike arrived the following year in April. We were not to be there long as my husband who was effective in his job with the New York State Department of Health, became very disenchanted with working for the largest bureaucracy in the country (at least at the time) outside of the Federal government and when a job offer almost too good to be true came from a contact he had made with a group which services the pulp and paper industry, we gladly left for Kalamazoo Michigan where the company had an office on the campus of Western Michigan University. Our last child, another boy, Stephen was born there, a short time later. We enjoyed our time in Michigan, the people were wonderful, warm, friendly, fun loving and with strong feelings for home and family. We were glad to be away from the hard winters of Maine and the frequent Ice storms of New York but were unprepared for a new sort of climate! Spring and Fall in Michigan, at least the southern part where we settled were beautiful seasons, but the first shock was what being surrounded by the Great Lakes could do to summer and Winter in that part of the country! Summers were brutally hot but temperatures in the 90s alone would have been tolerable had it not been for the humidity which often hovered at or near 90% for days at a time. I will not describe the winter climate as I have already told you about just one of those winters, which was of course, the worst of the seven winters we spent there. Adding to the problems we had while in Michigan was a one to which we had never been exposed previously, racial tensions in the school where my children were educated………….an elementary school where such a problem should have been nipped in the bud but was not, due to almost entirely white staff not wanting to look biased in the treatment of black students who were usually but not always the cause of the problem…………..need I mention that this was the 60s? Before we were finally transferred to Oregon, there were police, in uniform patrolling the halls of a local high school and some disenchanted students “of color” had even thrown desks out through the upper story windows. I might add that they did not bother to open the windows!

Our “Michigan problems” were soon solved by my husband being offered a transfer to Oregon where he would be replacing the Regional Manager of the office there who would be moving up to a position in the main office in Manhattan. It was certainly not our business to tell my husband’s predecessor that he had no idea what he was getting into by agreeing to move to New York (they eventually settled in Connecticut). He would soon find out by himself about the commuting, the congestion, the crowded schools and having little time to spend with his wife and 5 children. Since he seemed not to know any better, we felt it prudent to remain quiet as he was to be one of three people in the Manhattan office who would be my husband’s superiors.

We adored our new home, once again friendly helpful people who were only as involved in one’s life as one would permit, a climate which was everything anyone could want, warm in summer but not often too hot and never humid. Even when it was, on rare occasions, too hot, it cooled nicely by late afternoon when the Pacific breezes came in from the coast about 45 miles away by that “crow flies” measurement. Winters, while rainy and wet were most tolerable as the rain was rarely much more than drizzle or often just a heavy mist. Best of all, it almost never fell below freezing, and while it was wet, the lawns and abundant conifers were green and beautiful all winter. Living in a fertile valley between the Coast Range Mountains and the Cascades provided ample opportunity to visit snow if we wanted to do so……..I did not, my husband however was and is a skier and had other ideas.  He occasionally went on day trips to one of the many available areas which provided that opportunity.

I’m not quite sure when things began to change but I am positive that it was at least 25 years before we noticed any significant change, but when it did start to happen we hoped it was an aberration…………..it wasn’t. It did seem to get warmer and we found that we actually felt the need for central air conditioning. The heat of the day was no longer dissipating as it had always done and the ceiling fans weren’t providing enough relief. Since our home had the original furnace we replaced it an added air conditioning. What a welcome relief it was and we were to depend on it more and more over the next three or four years. As rapidly as the heat had come, it was gone, buds were no longer on the trees and shrubs and my camellia bushes were no longer in bloom around the first of April as they had always been. Other flowers were later and the drifts of pink and white blossoms on the streets from the ornamental trees around town were later as well. People had finally waked to the fact that we’d been sold quite a hoax with “Global Warming”. It surely wasn’t global and it wasn’t even very warm anymore. Winters were  becoming colder and the nighttime temperatures began to fall below 32 degrees on a rather regular basis. We were often treated to a cover of snow in the mornings…………..not a welcome sight and what was something very new to all of us. We didn’t like it much but there was nothing to be done about it.  We tried to plant our tomatoes at the usual time but found we had to shelter them with paper cones or bags at night , more than once we lost plants to the cold and even when we did not, the fruit was smaller and often did not ripen until much later than what we had come to think of as normal.

We all adapt, what else is there to do? There is, after all, no way to fight this alteration to our seasons and our thermometers.  There are hints of something more disturbing from some of the climatologists…………a mini-ice age?  It wouldn’t be what people often associate with the term “ice age” but would mean more harsh weather than is comfortable and the loss of ability to grown some crops that have always flourished at our latitude. We have accepted what is and now wonder what is to come.  We wait………….apprehensively.

What is a Neocon?

How many times recently have you heard the term neoconservative, or more often “neocon”, used as a slur against a group of people within the Republican party? I wasn’t exactly sure who was the target of those flinging the slurs. Researching, I found the opinions of four prominent people on the following question:

What is a neoconservative and who are they?

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review:

Historically, 30 years ago it meant a former liberal who became a conservative. The cliche was because “they were mugged by reality,” but it was because they saw the empirical failures of liberal welfare, state and foreign policies, and they were therefore less ideological than other conservatives and brought much more of a social science background to their argumentation.

Paul Weyrich, chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation:

They are mostly ex-liberals, by and large out of the intellectual community. These are people who came to the realization that modern liberalism was not the kind of liberalism that they had subscribed to. They are a fairly small group of people, both in and out of government. Those who are out of government are in either the media or academia. They are influential because they promote each other. They are very skilled at that.

Paul Gigot, editor of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page:

I think of neoconservatism as having a very specific meaning related to history. That is, the neoconservatives were people who in the 1970s were former liberals, in some cases socialists, who moved right in reaction to the left’s shift on cultural mores, personal responsibility and foreign policy. So I think the term “neoconservative” has that narrow meaning of that historical period. I think of them as the Podhoretzes and the Kristols and others. I don’t think “neoconservative” means much anymore. I don’t know what it means now or who they’re referring to.

George Will, the syndicated columnist:

Oh, that’s not a simple question. Neoconservatives are persons who in domestic policy often were former Democrats who felt that conservatives had erred in not accepting the post-New Deal role of the central government. They were in their early incarnation focusing on domestic policy and were distinguishing themselves from Goldwater conservatives.


While the opinions differed slightly, it appears that all agree that the neocons all come from the same base, all disaffected (for slightly different reasons) liberals, and perhaps now I truly understand why the word, usually voiced by members of the left is used in an insulting way, they may not truly even understand the origins of the word but I do wonder if they understand that they are looking extremely petty for referring in this manner to a group of people originally from their ranks, people they were unable to keep within their own “fold”.

Thoughts on Liberty

It’s become increasingly obvious that so many of our countrymen and our families have no idea what our founders intended when they wrote the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution. It’s not their fault, it’s the fault of us who raised them, parented them or mentored them. Where did our country lose it’s way, or perhaps I should really ask when did our country lose it’s way? I have to wonder if it was when I sat in an American history class at the University of Maine when I was so young and couldn’t understand why I needed to take this boring class to prepare for a career in education. I marvel at how stupid I was during that time of my life! I’m not saying that I can know what the founders intended but reading the documents with an attitude of wanting to understand is all that is necessary for one to “get it”.

I know it crept upon us when we were complacent, when we still felt a complete trust in the people we elected to represent us. I have no idea when, exactly, we should have realized that those people no longer believed that they had been elected to serve our interests but that they were infinitely more intelligent than the electorate and that they no longer needed to consult us to decide how to write the laws under which we would have to live. The only excuse can be that we were so busy doing our best to provide for our children and to make sure that they had the tools to arrive at adulthood at least as well prepared for life as our own parents had intended for us.  I’m not going to apologize for saying that’s not acceptable but for the years I have left on this earth, I am going to do my best to speak up for myself, my children, grandchildren and even the tiny great grandchildren who are yet too small to even really know me or how much I want for them the liberty and freedom I experienced during most of my life. Someone has to tell them all what it was like to be innocent and to trust our government………..that is no longer a luxury that anyone can afford. I don’t know who the person was who first said “trust but verify” but it is vital now as it was not in the innocent past.  I do not intend to foist upon my children my own attitudes or interpretations but if asked I will tell them honestly what I think.

I’m not sure if we can reverse what has happened to our country, but we have to try to correct what our inattention has caused. If, after reading this you are not moved to speak up about what you feel our country should be like, that is your prerogative, but at least think about those who will come after you and leave your thoughts concerning our history, current conditions and how you feel about life as it is in these early years of the twenty first century. Perhaps those who come after you will appreciate knowing that you cared about them and wanted for them a life as free from restrictions and burdensome regulation as possible.

The New Republicans

As I write, some in my family are listening to Bill O’Reilly who has guests on his show who are clueless as to what the “New Republicans” are all about. I’m not at all sure that Bill himself is able to capture the pulse of the new conservatives. Does he realize that we are no longer listening to the “old guard” Republicans. People like Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer and all of their ilk are no longer relevant to us. We want no more of their wishy-washy candidates like Bob Dole and John McCain who are fine men but who are stuck in the past and do not understand the Americans they would like to advise. We have seen quite enough of the people who prefer to “go along to get along”. Do they not understand that our country is slipping into socialism and that we don’t like it, not one bit. We want a return to what made this country a great nation admired by the rest of the free world. While there is little left of that free world, there are those of us who do not wish to join the slide to the left which has been going on  for far too long. We want our Constitutional government back and if we don’t start working to get it back, it’s going to be too late. As it is, it’s not going to be easy, but we are seeing a resurgence of the principles and values that were once deeply ingrained in conservatives. Thank you TEA Party activists for opening our eyes, and a huge thank you to our current administration for opening our eyes to the corruption that is Washington. While we have some wonderful new additions to the House of representatives, we still have an old guard speaker who has little backbone. I would hate to think that he is so stupid as to have forgotten (or forgiven) the people from the other side of the aisle who steamrolled over everyone on the right to shove Obama’s initiatives down our throats.

Thanks, Democrats, for setting a new tone when you were in charge, and do not whine when we have enough people in the House and soon in the Senate to do exactly what you did. Where are the fair minded people to give the “loyal opposition” a bitter taste of their own medicine. The left has grown accustomed to the old Republicans, the polite, spineless, forgiving ones.

Why do we have a country where so many people are on the “dole”? That was once something to feel uncomfortable about, something not quite honorable. It was something that happened in Socialist countries not something American. It started with the “War on Poverty” in the 1960’s when we simply started throwing money at a problem that should have been solved in other ways. Giving people something for nothing only makes them dependent, lazy and totally ungrateful. We need a time limit on welfare payments and the guts to make those people work for what they think is “free” (money and services). Let them clean the streets of the cities where they live, maybe even the government buildings in those cities. Those of us who work to pay the taxes that provide the welfare are sick and tired of second and third generation couch potatoes who have made trash heaps of the public housing they inhabit and who expect us to clean up their messes and keep throwing money at them while they produce more little welfare sponges and have little responsibility for their progeny and their upbringing or education…….those are simply another way to acquire more money for booze, drugs and only God knows what else. Time to start drug testing them……come up dirty and lose the benefits! Most taxpaying citizens can be required by an employer to submit to random drug testing and if those who are providing the tax monies for welfare and any other benefit have a perfect right to expect those who recieve said benefits to be treated equally by the agency providing the dispensing of the benefits.  Speaking of children, there are those in the welfare community who have made a “business” of having babies for profit, disgusting to say the least. If we cut them off after the second child, they would no doubt find their birth control rather quickly.

Why are we paying the people who have no right to be in the country at all, any welfare monies, it’s surely not something that is done for illegals in their countries of origin. These people who are now jumping our borders are no longer coming to work, they are coming for the welfare, the housing assistance, the health care and the education for their children. The Supreme Court has ruled that we must provide K through 12 education for all children residing in this country regardless of their citizenship status, the Court has likewise ruled that hospital emergency rooms are required to provide emergency medical treatment to those who present themselves at an emergency room. This applies to emergencies, not common colds, or anything non-life threatening. Is it too much to expect Emergency Room staff to be able to tell the difference? We want these people out, out, out. Don’t tell me the government can’t find them, they are the people with the false social security numbers or none at all. The IRS knows where they are……….root them out and send them home. I would rather see these people in prison for the felony that is supposed to be the charge for the second offense of jumping the border. No more expensive than throwing welfare at them! It is delightful to learn that the individual states are starting to do what the federal government has been neglecting to do, namely passing legislation which would require both State Agencies and private businesses to use the e-verify program to validate the citizenship of people who apply for employment. This is the first step in making it impossible for non-citizens in the country illegally to be able to work. I am aware of no other country in our state of development which allows non citizens to work without certain required paperwork!  Under other proposed legislation, the wages of ineligible workers could not be deducted from an employers gross income as a cost of doing business on their tax returns. When these punitive measures are applied, employers will no longer find it expedient to use illegal labor, no matter for how little salary they may agree to work.

While some of these solutions may seem harsh, the new Republicans need to become the people to decide who within the country deserves the benefit of our “charity”.  We have been far too lax in rooting out abuse and because we have neglected that duty and our chosen representatives refuse to do so, it will be up to us to see that it is done. Until we stand up on our “hind legs” and insist, nothing will ever happen. Let’s start reducing the debt that our children and grandchildren will be expected to pay………..it’s far past time to get to work on this.

Before joining, endorsing or otherwise approving any club or organization, it is very important to do the research which will make you aware of all they stand for….you may find that you are not really interested in being affiliated with some people or groups. This was just some of the information I gathered on the ACLU and subsequently realized that I wanted nothing at all to do with them.

American Civil Liberties Union

This is the stated mission of the ACLU, and while it sounds altruistic and honorable, it is obvious by most of the cases it champions, that it’s true goals are anything but:

“to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

Revealing FACTS on the ACLU

from its own writings

Following are some of the stated goals of the ACLU, from its own published Policy Issues:


the legalization of prostitution (Policy 211);


the defense of all pornography, including CHILD PORN, as “free speech” (Policy 4);


the decriminalization and legalization of all drugs (Policy 210);


the promotion of homosexuality (Policy 264);


the opposition of rating of music and movies (Policy 18);


opposition against parental consent of minors seeking abortion (Policy 262);


opposition of informed consent preceding abortion procedures (Policy 263);


opposition of spousal consent preceding abortion (Policy 262);


opposition of parental choice in children’s education (Policy 80)

— not to mention the defense and promotion of euthanasia, polygamy, government control of church institutions, gun control, tax-funded abortion, birth limitation, etc. (Policies 263, 133, 402, 47, 261, 323, 271, 91, 85).


It’s founder, Roger Baldwin’s stated goals, quoted at the time of the founding of the ACLU:

“We are for SOCIALISM, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself… We seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the SOLE CONTROL of those who produce wealth. COMMUNISM is the goal.”


From its very beginning, the ACLU had strong socialist and communist ties. As early as 1931, the U.S. Congress was alarmed by the ACLU devotion to communism. A report by the Special House Committee to Investigate Communist Activities stated:

The American Civil Liberties Union is closely affiliated with the communist movement in the United States, and fully 90 percent of its efforts are on behalf of communists who have come into conflict with the law. It claims to stand for free speech, free press and free assembly, but it is quite apparent that the main function of the ACLU is an attempt to protect the communists.

Earl Browder, the general secretary of the Communist Party of the United States, admitted that the ACLU served as a “transmission belt” for the party. Baldwin agreed, claiming, “I don’t regret being a part of the communist tactic which increased the effectiveness of a good cause.”

Baldwin was a devoted follower of the anarchist Emma Goldman (or “Red Emma” as she was called), who was eventually deported to the Soviet Union in 1919 for her communist activities. Goldman was a consistent promoter of anarchism, radical education, “free love” and birth control. According to an online exhibit of Goldman’s papers, her career “served as inspiration for Roger Baldwin, a future founder of the American Civil Liberties Union.”

Baldwin also was a great admirer of the Planned Parenthood founder. He heaped praise on Sanger: “She was a frail, beautiful, unassuming woman … She always had a quiet insistence on the rightness of what she was doing.” Sanger was a passionate advocate of eugenics – the attempt to improve the human race through selective breeding. Abortion was a primary means to this “improvement,” leading Sanger to write, “The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

This adoration of Sanger set the tone for the tragic history of the ACLU concerning the issue of abortion. To this day, the group fights for the most extreme of pro-abortion positions, including support for partial-birth abortion and opposition to parental consent for minors.

But the radical agenda hardly ends there. In his wedding vows, Baldwin called marriage as between one man and one woman “a grim mockery of essential freedom.” He added, “The highest relationship between a man and a woman is that which welcomes and understands each other’s loves.”

The result is that today the ACLU is a leading advocate of same-sex “marriage,” and has expressed support for polygamy and polyamory (“open” marriage) as well. The ACLU Policy Guide reads:

The ACLU believes that criminal and civil laws prohibiting or penalizing the practice of plural marriage [polygamy or polyamory] violate constitutional protections of freedom of expression and association, freedom of religion, and privacy for personal relationships among consenting adults”.

While many accept the ACLU as a mainstream organization, their history tells a drastically different story. Organizations such as the Alliance Defense Fund are dedicated to exposing the myth that the ACLU is working hard for the First Amendment rights of Americans. Instead of being an organization that simply took a “wrong turn,” the ACLU has devoted itself from the very beginning to the devastation of America’s most cherished traditions, values, and laws.


Can anyone explain to me why this organization which admits to only 500,000 members out of a US population of over 300,000,000 people has so much power in this country? It clearly works against the ethics and morals of the vast majority of decent Americans. Who funds it and who are it’s members?.

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